Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Day 2 - Rain delayed!

Day 2 

The Rainy Day fund....


Day 2 - things are going really well, my sponsor page is up to £115 in under 24 hours which is fantastic! Facebook wall has turned into a fund raising shrine, but I don't care, such a great cause and something to tick off my "Bucket List"... something I keep adding to on a monthly basis it seems! 

Work have confirmed that they will match donations up to £200 which is brilliant it makes me want to smash the £750 target!

News has surfaced that I might be getting a backing sponsor to help towards donations which will be a warm welcome! more information to come. 

Unfortunately the training plan has slipped today due to weather! I don't feel 100% safe when its soaking wet and traffic everywhere however, I am going to complete a 18 mile ride to work (even if its raining but I will be setting out earlier than rush hour) as I need to make up from missing today's training. 

Food plan is going well also, resisting the temptations of the office life, sinking back the water and eating right! 

If you would like to sponsor - www.justgiving.com/alexshipton1 

Thanks for visiting the page! 

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